2. It’s About Time.

    WATCH: http://vimeo.com/kalyanstudios/itsabouttime

    A short film about a passionate photographer who uses long exposure photography to find peace, and to change time.


  3. It’s About Time. WATCH and SHARE!

    A close look at a photographers passion and creative process using long exposure photography to change time.

    I had a great time working on this film, I hope you enjoy it.

  4. MUSIC VIDEO #comingsoon

  5. Aaron Bruno of Awolnation backstage at Rock the Shores 2013

    photo by Zia Kalyan

  6. Summer Days

    photo by Zia Kalyan

  7. Dance Party

    by Zia Kalyan

  8. Party in black and white

    by Zia Kalyan

  9. Beauty in Black & White

    by Zia Kalyan


  10. Alleyway End

    by Zia Kalyan


  11. There’s A Place (Teaser)

    Music Video Coming Soon.
    Song available for download here: goo.gl/tmv2xb


  12. Victoria BC Video Services | Victoria Videographer

    Here at Kalyan Studios we want to help YOU tell your story through creative visuals! We offer video services in the Victoria BC/Vancouver area! http://kalyanstudios.com/

  13. Lone

  14. I had the opportunity to see Shiraz Higgins’ standup comedy routine live, and I have to say that his comedic monologue is nothing less than exceptional.

    The venue packed to capacity, and belly laughs coming from every chair; Higgins put on a captivating performance for all.

    The live set is being released as individual segments online over a period of time. Make sure to head on over to his channel and subscribe to see more!

    I’ll leave you to watch the most recent:

    The True Root of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict



  15. West Coast Tales 1

    It’s that time of year again. When the temperature drops, and snowflakes are visible in the sky. Christmas lights are twinkling, and children are singing. I hail from Canada. Immediately you may picture cold snow blown tundra with hockey rinks and igloos. But I currently reside in a place called Victoria, BC, where frankly, it just doesn’t snow that much. We get rain, (but not as much as Vancouver and Seattle) so I’m certain that Victoria, BC gets less snow than any other place in Canada. For the lovers of snow who live in this snowless city, they cherish the odd snow day that occurs once or twice a year, never taking for granted the white powder they love so much. If you are one of those wimpy “yay summer” folk, Victoria is probably your best bet, just ask my father.
    Snow lovers like myself were happy campers yesterday, when snow fell from the heavens and landed on Vancouver Island…
    "It’s freezing out! It’s like –3 °C" says Victoria resident. "Ha, you think that’s cold, it’s –30 °C where I’m from" scoffs Canadian from another part of Canada, "Yeah well, it’s a damp cold"

    – Zia Kalyan